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A Winning 90-Day Strategy with Terminus CMO, Daniel Incandela

Episode Summary

Daniel Incandela, CMO of Terminus, details winning strategies for how marketers can approach their first 90 days.

Episode Notes

Marketing is all about trends, what’s hot and what’s not. What’s trendy and what’s a thing of the past. After all, the name of this show is Marketing Trends. And to be the best in the field, you have to grasp what sticks. But while marketers attempt to chase the hottest new thing, their jargon is often filled with buzzwords. Daniel Incandela is the CMO of Terminus, a company built on the backbone of ABM, and he had to learn first-hand that not everything — including the term ABM — is just a turn of phrase and that there is real merit to some buzzy ideas.

“At first I had a certain level of disdain for ABM. I thought it was another buzzword coming through, and what I've learned over the years, and certainly now, is a lot of people associate account-based marketing with just targeted ads. That is certainly a component of it. But if [targeted ads] is the expectation of ABM, then you're never going to see the full value of it.”

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Daniel details new strategies for how ABM marketers can stick out from their peers and move past the bias that might exist around account-based marketing. Plus he digs into why storytelling is the backbone of any successful campaign. And he updates us on his new role with Terminus and how he approached his first 90 days.

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